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As we have mentioned before, we are absolute professionals at restoring fire and smoke damage, and we assure you that we are the best ones in Decatur. You only need to call us up in case of fire or smoke damage, and we will send our technicians to your place in a short time. While we cannot claim to fix charred documents and melted jewelry, we will certainly get everything else in place as soon as humanly possible. Here are what the reasons for fire and smoke destruction could be,

  • Kitchen Issues: A fire or smoke mostly breaks out due to kitchen issues. You never know if you have left the gas open or the chimney closed, or even the kitchen windows shut for that matter. These are some of the several reasons why a breakout is imminent.
  • Electrical Circuits: The wires around your house may not have been arranged properly, or they simply may have been lined around and inside your walls in a haphazard manner without appropriate insulation, leading to a short circuit. Such electrical malfunctions would eventually lead to a small fire, which may gradually spread throughout your house.
  • Grease Ignitions: How often have we encountered our garage spread with bottle or two of grease! But have we ever given a thought as to what might happen if the smallest of ignitions were to attack that large pool of the slimy substance? Fire is what is bound to originate in such cases. A simple spark might obliterate your house.
  • Appliance Failures: Electrical appliances are commonly known to fail, but quite uncommonly so in order to result in a full-fledged fire. That is exactly when you would feel why you have given in to technological advancements in the first place. But don’t blame technology just yet. Under most circumstances, it is the handler’s fault.
  • Fire Fanatics: It could be possible that your residence was hit with a blast of fire from neighborhood arsons. You would definitely call the cops in such cases, but would they help you to fix your damaged house?

The reasons for the fire and smoke breakout may be numerous, but there is just one solution for it all – Rapid Restoration Services. Take a look at what you need to do before calling us up.

  • Possible Measures: There are quite a few possible measures that you need to undertake before ringing up the restoration company. The first thing that you will need to do is to contact your insurance company and check if it covers all the possible costs. You will also need to shut your windows and doors tight so that no kind of theft occurs before our team reaches there. Additionally, arrange for an alternate place at stay since it takes quite some time to get your fire damage restoration done. Ventilation is critical to the restoration process. Throw open all your windows and shafts in order to make way for fresh air.
  • Valuables: Empty your safes and cupboards of valuable materials like jewelry and other important documents, unless they haven’t been burned out already. Gather all your project materials and other valuable documents before you leave the house. While we would definitely try to recover all the charred documents, you wouldn’t want to damage the papers that have already been preserved.
  • Firearms: Firearms are an important part of your armory. Get them moved out as quickly as you can. You don’t want your furniture to undergo any more destruction due to uncovered gunpowder. You should ideally lock them up in a gun safe which will protect your house from the downsides of firearms, but if you haven’t done that, the first thing that you need to do during a breakout of fire is to gather all your guns and ammunition and store them in a safe place.

While we cannot restore all the aforementioned products and you need to take good care of those yourselves, we can definitely get all your other things to look as good as new. Even the most stubborn of smoke marks will be siphoned off of the smallest of cracks in your furniture. All your valuable equipment severely affected with the onslaught of fire will be recovered in no time. We won’t give you a single cause for complaint during and after our restoration process. You can safely leave it all in our hands!

Simply ring us up at (404) 476-5088 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored