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You may have watched several movies displaying a vivid image of a fire breakout. But it is nothing compared to an actual breakout in your own house. The initial fear, followed by the eventual terror of the safety of your belongings – unimaginable! And before all of that, you would be more concerned about your own life and that of the safety of your family. We understand that you would not much heed the security of your property and will be quite busy fretting over the safety of your wife and children. That is what we are here for – trying to recover most of your valuables and belongings while you try to save yourself!

  • Do-It-Yourself: There are several things that you can do on your own in order to prevent the unrecoverable damage of your belongings.
  • As soon as fire has taken control of your property, the first thing you need to do is to stay away. Move as far as you can from the house, gathering all the materials that you can carry.
  • The next thing you need to do is to call up the fire disposal squad, immediately followed by a call to your insurance company. They would ideally suggest Rapid Restoration services, so ring us up soon after.
  • In order to avoid excessive smoke damage, you need to throw open all the windows in all the rooms. This will enable most of the smoke to move out of the house, thus damaging your property to the least.
  • Save your children and pets. They are the ones that are most affected by the smoke and fire. So before you move out of the house, gather your dogs and cats and keep them safely away from harm.
  • Try to empty your refrigerator as much as you can. You don’t want to refurnish your weekly lot of convenience products. Also, get the materials in your freezer out.
  • Once the authorities have ascertained that it is safe to enter the premises, start taking pictures of all the damaged goods. This will help us in the restoration process. These pictures will also ease up the procedure of claiming the required insurance.
  • What we Will Do: We try to ease up the process of restoration as much as we can, just so that you don’t need to do anything once we reach your premises. We will take care of everything else; and by everything, we mean every single thing!
  • Did you know that soot gets collected on walls and other opaque appliances? It is most visible on transparent ones like glass and mirrors. This soot gets collected so very much that you would be hard put to rub it out. Thus, the first thing that we would do is to wipe out all the smoke damage that has been done to your walls and mirrors.
  • We will move your furniture away from further harm as soon as we arrive at your place.
  • Yeah, and if you are hungry; like if hunger is literally eating up all your insides, don’t consume any food products present in the house. Even if they are canned and stored, leave them as they are, or move them to a safer place. Simply don’t consume them just yet!
  • Stay away from electrical appliances. Don’t switch on your television or air-conditioner. If you wish to get some fresh air, try walking in your backyard. Natural air is the way to beat the intense heat in the summer, especially if you are faced with a fire problem.

It is critical that you take care of all the DIY stuff as soon as you can. We will handle all the intricacies of the restoration process soon after. Our employees are absolute professionals at tackling fire damages in no time. You only need to let us know the degree of the damage involved. We will tell you the price estimate and the tentative time frame for the stuff to get fixed.

And let us assure you that all your belongings will get restored within the given budget. Our experts will collaborate with the authorities to analyze and double check the damage caused, after which we will directly reach out to your insurance company to clarify your monetary assets. Once we get an approval from your agent, we will immediately start the restoration process.

Simply ring us up at (404) 476-5088 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored