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Mold is quite common in most of the households. You can easily reckon a growth with the help of a magnifier. In fact, you don’t even need to use one of those large lenses; just check if your bare feet can slide over the hardwood floor, and there you will have it. In reality, inspection of molds is not that easy. You will need to gather further knowledge about those living beings and additional equipment in order to ascertain their existence. Not all whites are molds after all! Here are a few facts about those greenish-white thingies.

  • Unlike general perception, mold doesn’t grow from scratch. It floats and attaches itself to any appliance, multiplying with the help of moisture and dirt.
  • Molds are not only visible inside an apartment, but also over the exteriors.
  • They can enter your house through open windows and doors. Even the smallest of holes in the walls are enough for them to gain entrance.
  • Air conditioners are also a major source of mold accumulation. It can enter your house through the valves.
  • The smell that mold emanates is awfully dank and musty, probably even making you fall sick.

Our microbial specialists will inspect every nook and corner of your house for possible moisture and water affected areas, since the major ingredient that mold thrives on is water. We will then analyze the extent of damage inflicted by the mold on your property before getting down to removing it. The proficiency of our technicians is second to none, and you will be surprised to behold how quickly we can get the job done.


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