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There are several odor removal techniques, and we, at Rapid Restoration, know and practice each and every one of those. The techniques which we use ideally depend upon the type of odor and the extent of spreading occurred. We use only the best cleansing materials that money can buy for eliminating all the odor from your house. Some of our features include,

  • Our specialists will trace the source of the odor and try to determine the cause of its formation in the first place.
  • We will set up our cleaning machinery in no time. We are not like the employees in other odor eliminating companies who tend to rush off to their firm in the middle of the operation just because they have forgotten to bring some important tool. We come well prepared at every cleansing scene.
  • Our odor removal squad will then step in to purge your house of even the foulest and the most persistent of smells. We will also deodorize your home in order to make it smell good for several days to come.


Simply ring us up at (404) 476-5088 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored