One Dozen eggs

One Dozen eggs

Happy healthy chickens make happy healthy eggs!  Pastured right here on our pesticide-free property, our chickens are free to graze and scratch just as chickens were designed by God to do.  The proof is in the yolk.... Our deep golden egg yolks are rich and taste so much better than store-bought!  So FRESH! Guaranteed to be less than 1 week from lay date!

  • How long are eggs good for?

    Farm fresh chicken eggs, unlike mass produced eggs, are fresher because they get to you faster.  All eggs have a protective coating on them as they are laid, which seals the natural tiny pores in eggshells.  If you leave your eggs unwashed till just before you use them, they will last longer.  According to Mother Earth News, a magazine for all things organic: "Unwashed eggs will last at least two weeks unrefrigerated and three months or more in the refrigerator. Washed eggs will last at least two months in the refrigerator but won't taste as fresh as unwashed eggs of the same age."

  • How can I tell how old supermarket eggs are?

    By law, an egg can be sold for up to 30 days after the date it was put in the carton. And farmers have up to 30 days to go from when the egg is laid to the carton. That means those supermarket eggs can be two months old by the time you buy them.  The date that eggs are laid is written on the carton.  On each egg carton, there's a number printed, from 1 to 365 (I bet you can see where I'm going with this, can't you?). That represents the day of the year the carton was filled: 1 being January 1st and 365 being December 31st. Using the code, you can at least tell when the eggs were put in the carton.

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